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Welcome to Just Magazine Autumn - Winter 2019

Published on 31 March 2019

Ahida Agirre Andrea Reina Aleksandra Seweryniak Anne Zheng Chen Elsa Melero Santana Bellas Nadya Disa Kusumo Nico Stinghe Nobumasa Tanaka Mateusz Grzelak Tomas Aciego Lester Villarroel Indi Kohen Lumer Wakaba Noda EDYTA CHACHULSKA Lucien Pinchon FLAVIA DANIELE Irina Dzhus Olga Jakovleva Rhianedd Dancey Valerie Yuwen Hsieh JULIE MICHELET Michael Johansson Qin Xione


Did you mention the last few months that you’ve been tired? Tired from the news, even of THE FASHION news?? It’s been like you’ve already known all about it and doesn’t care anymore… So do we all. Same thing with other things... Otherwise, we have to keep all of our magic together and make another step into the future! Nothing could break our aims and ambitions to move forward… (he-he..at least we’re humans..wright?!) So… Here is the fresh and really super luxurious and heroically provided by our contributors with the pathetic print options - INSPO! Well known as Just Magazine.
All this time Just Magazine was the gallery for the fairest talents and courageous people who have entrusted their hard work to us, although it maybe wasn’t worth it. But! This is still true, this is still real and this is all your merit. Or fault. Love and pain are shouldn’t be walking hand on hand, this is insane, are you agree? If this suicide note will glorify this semi-print creature I will kill myself once again ) Just kidding, kid. This is 2019! Finally, or who knows, we’re all different, courageously made of all the same shitty brilliant space dust.
Could you even imagine the totally solid humanity with the same interests and aims? Sounds like not even a never-never, but absolutely unreal and even unhealthy thing. You have to trust me. I’m the inventor of nothing. You know, I’ve got for dinner an amazing portion of food and pour it up with a pretty amount of non-great alcohol, so… Make your dinner always great but I’m not judging anyway. If we’re all equally evil and good, we’re wishing you to find your balance, cause the extermination of any part of yourself is going to exterminate your persona in general, so please do carefully to yourself and your folks. sometimes I just start talking like a dimwitted dude, but you don’t mind. Anyway, someone’s friend is someone’s another folk and so on. The only exception is your intuition if you’ve got such. Don’t get messy with your good if you believe it too much.
Improve, improve… Improve your style… Improve yourself and anything you can reach for...I’m the beast, I’m the monster!… This is the constant feeling that you are not the one who decide… And this not an impression of the black mirror show, but seems I’m not the only one who suffering or at least who have even thought about it.
Now there’s no point in placing the blame. And you should know I suffer the same if I lose you. My heart will be broken. Love is a bird, she needs to fly. Let all the hurt inside of you die, you’re frozen. When your heart’s not open. Fly to where and to what… Is this mentally legal…? Not to hurt anyone while flying could you please do so… I guess it’s too late for me for the new beginning and to fly in any case as well so I’d rather be closer to the end. When my past should be gone but it’s just stronger than the aims I have. Turning the pages I used to hang on to I was young and I have changed my mind. And I’m leaving everything behind,new beginning again... a little bit closer to the end. For the good times and the bad times, this issue is no more than a mirror. The mirror of your graceful lifetime and the hard work. If you suddenly lose, just start this day again and make it so much fucking great cause this is your game. Hope nobody will read this to the very end and this is not the lifetime tutorial, we’re sorry for the rough expressions and confusing thoughts.
So… sustainability is not my goal. I’ve been lost and found so many times by myself and only. And if you haven’t had a psycho friend until now, here you are. Peace!

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