Published on 18 July 2019


ART DIRECTION Rocco Gurrieri and Irene Montini @rocco_gurrieri @ireaw PHOTOGRAPHER Irene Montini @ireaw STYLIST Yasmine Saliba @yasminethehuman MUA Chris Sigwarth @spongethequeen BRAND Stella Jean @stellajeanroma PRODUCTION DESIGN Matteo Pucci @matteopuccimoraldi MODEL Jenny Secchi Yasmina Zanasi @yasminazanasi @j.secs

Tell us briefly about yourself and the story behind your “GUM” editorial.
We’re a duo of art directors based in Florence, Italy. Three years ago we met and decided to work together building a photo and video studio capable to tell our stories. We always like to portrait fairy-tale looking stories, where reality is distorted and the everyday life and all the everyday stuffs assumes a creepy-ironic vision. This is clear in “Gum”, we see an ordinary situation, a promotion on the street, that little by little becomes surreal, excessive, maybe incomprehensible. These two girls are forced to work hard under the midday sun and at the end it becomes evident that something went wrong. 

What emotions are most present in this work and why do you choose to portray them?The ironic aspect is maybe the most relevant in “Gum”, the two young girls are little by little more broken, tired, disheveled, they can’t take it anymore. Especially in the video the happy music makes all this more funny. 

Where the editorial it took its place?
We were in front of what is in all respects a sugar factory.

Tell us about the people you work with.
In this case Matteo Pucci, our production designer, designed and realised all the scenography by himself. He’s a sculptor and painter, a real creative mind. Not least, all the things you can see in the set design is made of recycled materials. Yasmine Saliba who is not just our stylist but a crazy researcher in new trends did a great job with the styling and the choices of Stella Jean’s clothes. Chris Sigwarth did a soft and colourful make up. We really had fun making this project, and we think you can notice it.

What does your latest work say about yourself, on a professional and personal level?
It does represent me and Irene. It does. 

What upcoming projects we can expect to see from you?
We are working on several projects including a glam-retro esoteric video connected to an editorial series, new stop-motion animations, new phantasmagorical editorials and fashion films and of course new collaborations with Polarys collective. Check our Vimeo and Instagram to keep up with what we’re doing!

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