Published on 10 December 2015


An American actor, performance artist and director Shia LaBeouf, along with creative partners Luke Turner and Nastja Säde Rönkkö, is currently installed in a gallery in Liverpool, where the trio will be answering phone calls in a project titled #TOUCHMYSOUL.
The performance is part of  the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology's FOLLOW exhibition which, says the website, "raises questions about the ways in which we seek validation from social media and, ultimately, explores how we behave when everyone is watching".

"#TOUCHMYSOUL asks us how we can truly connect with another person across the networks, what this feels like, and how we can be moved by such an encounter. The collective’s performance, commissioned by FACT for Follow, attempts to bring those connections into focus, and capture what happens in a lasting, indelible way. "

LaBeouf and company will be taking phone calls from members of the public, with an audience invited along to watch/listen in. Footage of the four-way conversations will be live streamed here too, just like #ALLMYMOVIES, the piece where Shia watched all of his own movies in reverse order alongside the public in a free cinema in New York.

"We’re more connected than ever before," the trio say in their press release for the project. "Able to interact with friends, public figures and even foes over the internet each day, what impact is this having on how we understand our relationships with those around us, and the ways our emotional cores are configured?"

For the next four days you can bell him here – +44 (0)151 808 0771 from 11am to 6pm GMT. The performance is being livestreamed at