Watch The Coldplay and Beyoncé
"Hymn for the Weekend" Video

Published on 27 January 2016


Filmed in Mumbai, the video is filled with the kind of cringe-worthy stereotypes of India. Peacocks, swamis and puzzling posters of Beyoncé as a Bollywood star demonstrate an exclusively white interpretation of the country’s vast cultural signifiers. While it doesn't seem like Beyoncé was able to join the band in India, her filmed parts are also pretty stunning.
Though she never actually shares the screen with Chris Martin's band, Queen Bey keeps popping up on a billboard, a stack of TVs and even a cinema screen, dressed in the ornate costume of a Bollywood superstar and showing off Bhangra-style moves. Whether you're a Coldplay fan or not, this video offers another megawatt moment from Beyoncé.

It's boring.


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