Watch: Brooke Candy's new music video

Published on 04 February 2016


Candy's words and style has attracted many fans including Grimes, Charli XCX, Nicola Formichetti, Diplo, Steven Klein and more recently, Sia, who is executive producing Candy's debut album. Now California rapper is back with the different style but ain't less provocative.

"Most of us spend our entire lives trying to achieve "happy days", which usually is some amalgamation of fulfilment or satisfaction or comfort. This song addresses the struggle I've had looking for "happy days" in every possible easy way, only to find out that you can't short cut the constantly on-going process of finding your version of happiness," speakng to I-D.
The song, “Happy Days,” employs the same production as Candy’s previous video “A Study In Duality.” It’s haunting, hypnotizing, and another stunner under Candy’s diamond-encrusted belt. Of the video, Candy tells us over e-mail that it is “an introduction to a precocious ‘Brooke Candy’ in a state of innocence before becoming immersed/fragmented in increasingly surreal and uninhibited states of consciousness, as ‘she’ progresses through the disorienting trajectory of fame.” A study in life’s duality, if ever there was one. No wonder she uses the track’s production. 
The video is an interpretation of the song and the various states of exploring different states of "happiness." We are introduced to a precocious Brooke Candy in a natural and unaltered state of happiness, which is often synonymous with innocence. She is then fragmented in increasingly uninhibited altered states of consciousness as she progresses through fame while searching for fulfilment amongst the bullshit.

“I’ve always been into exploring different variations of myself and style. In recent past I’ve found myself undergoing endless transformations through emotional states of being and it is reflected through changing vocal styles and aesthetic approaches…I am exploring sounds that are bit more polished and digestible.”