Published on 29 January 2016


Obviously Attenborough is the king of narration (and we will never want anyone else to narrate our lives more), but some absolute legend has started a petition on to add some spice to the Planet Earth deal in the form of getting Snoop Doggy Dogg to present a series. The petition, addressed to Animal Planet and Snoop Dogg himself calls, very simply, for the rapper and actor to narrate a “whole season of Planet Earth”. It’s a simple request, and one that Snoopy D is backing entirely.

After the petition came to his attention, the weed entrepreneur tweeted some laughing/crying emojis and the simple comment: “lets get this shit going”. Could it be that he’s fully on board? 

Taking on the noble Planet Earth-narrating role before via Jimmy Kimmel spoofs, Snoop has proven he is not only a lover of animals, which is vital for the heroic role, but he’s got a proven track record for containing a lot of nature knowledge.

Internet petitions don’t hold much traction for long, if anything they show how dumb people on the web really are, but we’re thinking that if and when David Attenborough does ever retire, Snoop is a genuinely decent replacement. The petition now is already of 34,000 signatures, so you can join it here.