Published on 19 June 2017

Photography and styling by Balint Nemes @balintnemes
MUAH Lora Szorad @lora_szorad
Model Katarina

Certain colors have been proven to have an affect on our daily lives. Red symbolizes passion or rage, green symbolizes wealth, purple signifies calming and soothing feelings. It is believed that wearing blue garments without silver lining is bad luck. But what about seeing them. Does it have the same effect? 

shirt Espirit jacket Tom Tailor tights Calzedonia sweater Marks & Spencer jacket Zara

shirt Hugo Boss tights Calzedonia

 t-shit la Racaille shirt Espirit jacket Tom Tailor

shirt Hugo Boss shirt Promod

shirt Espirit jacket Zara shirt Promod

shirt Hugo Boss sweater Marks & Spencer jacket Zara

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