"Farewell to Summer"
A 16mm short film for SISTER by Caitlin Shannon & Gianna Mazzeo

Published on 19 March 2016


Today the creative Melbourne duo, Caitlin Shannon and Gianna Mazzeo, realeased their short film for the independent label SISTER. The short, shot in 16mm film stock, was formed from a crew and cast of some talented and dynamic women, including the designers.
SISTER, a young Melbourne brand, based at Homework studios in Brunswick, has quickly suceeded in being recognised by other sisters across the globe. The two talented women behind the brand, Emma Cutri and Alice McIntosh, began the business combining their skills to make pieces for their creative friends. Caitlin Shannon and Gianna Mazzeo formed along the same path to create this film. 
“We wanted the film to reflect how the very roots of the brand started, bringing together nine beautiful women of various creative backgrounds.”

Featuring jewellery desginer Bella Clark of BuildingTwo, Lilibeth Hall from Lurch & Chief, Ruby Maddison an interior designer at Techne Architects alongside her gorgeous mother and the work of Samantha O’Farrell’s sculptures. Along with music composed by Hayden Sommerville of Lurch & Chief. 

The film epitomises a surreal, sundrenched scenario wherein passionfruits are the very object of each girl’s desire. Each year they meet together with an unspoken connection as they slurp, suck, and playfully interact with the passion fruits. From the seeds they repeat the tradition by planting them back into the ground and waiting for the vine to grow again until next year when they will meet again.. 

Gianna Mazzeo
0401 362 657

Caitlin Shannon
0433 930 318