Pornhub Didn't Invent It's Own Emoji. 
Trivialized The Regular

Published on 22 April 2016


Emoji now is an undeniable international language, so Pornhub has introduced an emoji porn discovery service to it's users. Launched yesterday, it works very simple – you send an emoji of your taste according to Pornhub’s secret porn language (an array of their most popular categories), and they’ll send you back a link to some porn. So, if you want to watch some ‘big dicks’, you send them an aubergine. You want something gay, you send them two swords.
The service, logically called 'Emoji 4 Porn', requires users to text their emoji of choice to Pornhub's US, Canadian or UK hotlines for "a link to a free, specially curated video from the category corresponding to that emoji".