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Welcome to Just Magazine Spring-Summer 2019

Published on 13 June 2019

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There are times when our inner selves are influenced by so many interactions questioning integrity. The horizons are broadening reducing the chances to distinguish and determine the essence of art. So… Who is she? The female of our generation? Sorry guys, I mean human in general. An ephemeral hot creature with seriate breakdowns, a little witch with a huge heart full of kindness and god knows what else. Consciously getting through the days making the deals with life is quite frustrating and curiously exciting. Actually, I hate philosophy in all the ways it makes me self-sabotaged and self-aware but didn’t you find that twenty-first century, as any previous one forcing to split our mind for the roles we play? You are completely another person at a different time of the day. You are actually completely another person inside and outside of the door. And definitely another person inside of your head for your own self. So, who the hell are you? I see you as an unthinkable glorious solid one.
There were no crucial breakthroughs this spring, how about you? I guess you’re insanely inspired! So much inspired that you’ve turned me to inspired mode as well. What is your quote for yourself to get all the shit done? And now it sounds like: and so, was it possible? When I say “possible” I mean “allowed”, and the answer is sure - “yes”! If you don’t do it, someone else will do it instead. Borders are enemies of art and our internal borders are the hardest to overcome. Your energy makes gravity, spins the amazing people around, do not lose it by any cost. By the way, what would it cost if all that your efforts are in vain? Get up and start again. Wait a minute, is anger the real force and how could you make all the good things with the evil madness as a moving your ass forward factor? Duality permeates me every time I have to choose, but it is beautiful by all means. Am I making sense? Would love to see me as a still life in a pink colored Instagram account.
Let’s talk about sustainability, I’m sorry but I have to anyway. We all constantly adore to talk about earth pollution, plastic efforts and so on, contrariwise we love animals and don’t want to hurt them. Hm… And we produce synthetic fur to protect animals. Synthetic… To protect animals. Do you see what I mean? If you don’t understand, read this again. Сovering topics like diversity and sustainability, cancel culture, and authenticity in eco-friendly designs I’m splashing saliva and hitting my chest with the fist. Do you feel any residual guilt for pushing through a change on the way of choosing? Driving slightly mad with all these options, do you? Produce more natural material shopper bags to save the planet? *picture of a fully loaded junkyard* You have to use your shopper bag at least eleven years to make it worth. Hope you satisfied. Unless...you will never fail if you’ll never try. Whether or not it is all the inherent parts of human existence and I don’t really think you would you rather chose the primeval life to your iPhone Xs Max. The progress is made and it makes us astonishingly happy victims of ourselves unwilling to return.
By the way, let me introduce you a male bra! Seems like this thick topic escalates exponentially with an enormous media plume. It would be cool I guess to close this shittalk about the nipples once and for all. Honestly speaking this is my trigger but kinda out of the box. So, dear ladies, do you really want to show your nipples to the whole world or the Internet or whoever else? I don’t think so. Imagine this for a second: you are going to the store to grab some milk or mac’n’cheese for your dinner and every woman walk with the tits completely naked… And their bodies are beautiful because everybody is beautiful and blah blah even it’s fat or ugly. Objectify your dreams carefully, please. Therefore let men wear a bra to cover the same body part and keep our minds in peace since then.
Fluently things are coming to an end as this sheet of paper so let me wish you a nice time of the day and see you next time!

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