Our 9th issue is out!

Welcome to Just Magazine Spring-Summer 2017

Published on 14 April 2017

Annabelle Foucher Alice Andrews & Benedict Morgan Cara Friedman Chrissie Hall Cossac Emon Toufanian Evgeniya Minaeva Harry Cooke Hollie Dee Hart Promise Harvey Jojo Ross Jessica-Rose Lena Julia Skergeth & Dani Huda Katie Burdon Kyo JINO Manuela Iodice Nico Stinghe Néfis Dhab SoJin PARK Taner Tumkaya SAMPLE-CM Séna Aurélia & Thomas Babeau Vanessa Zican Feng Vlad Zorin

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With our number nine we did not proclaim an art revolution. Aims to provide you with something fascinating again and again, our Spring-Summer’17 issue is here. Covered by KYO JINO and the Team, this issue will blow your mind away, literally. In this issue, you’ll find lot’s of exceptional features by generative fashion monsters, blustery imagery from every corner of the world and interviews with the innovative designers.
Starting this year with biannual publication we become more interactive and goes in our online direction. We generate and perform with you holding our hands tight. There’s the thin but strong connection in between. Now don’t ever miss something in a digital form. Let your cyber ego out. And then lock it up once again. You’re precious. 
Last week our team dive into a long deep conversation about meaning and importance of art and fashion. Art is always a reflection of creator’s soul or otherwise just a simple parody. Or maybe complicated. Now the question is: is the real art born in a total deprivation ( inhale and exhale, cultivating creativity from the inside) or in a full-time internet surfing and cultural enrichment..?
Like OK, you made something cool… again. Anything is boring five minutes later. Art is more than attitude, it’s a lifestyle.
Now, what’s yours and what is ours? Should you know your history to not invent a bicycle again? Let’s be honest, being alive today is messy and contradictory. Fully loaded and moving your way. It’s not that bad to be antisocial this time. Walking around under the spring sun, singing songs like a bird. Hope you having a great time. Touching, biting and scratching with all of your five or six senses please enjoy this in digital or neither your print copy. Well, something or nothing. And… what’s something, again..?)

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