Ocean in her eyes

Published on 26 April 2017

Creative director/ photographer Evgeniya Minaeva @zhenyaminaeva
Stylist Kiki Santoy @kikisantoy
Makeup artist LaQuisha Nicole @xolnicole
Models Maura Lee McNamara @mauramcna Rochella Yakubov @badw0lfy


Tell us briefly about yourself and how did you first get into photography?

I always love to shoot videos, since I was a kid actually. I have a lot of creepy clips of my friends and family. I use word creepy because they all were edited by me. And it was a disaster. Nowadays I basically do the same things with photography, the only difference is that I’m looking for professionals who can understand my view on things and create something together in a professional way. In time I just needed to continue this in form of photography art, process that I like so much.

What the story behind your editorial "Ocean in her eyes"? How much time the shooting process took and so on?

This story ‘’Ocean in her eyes’’ I had in mind a long time ago. The beach where we shoot was basically my firs place that inspired me when I just start to shoot in Los Angeles. For me it is always about the place. My phone is full of saved locations where I need to make the shoot happened.  The style was in my head for a long time also. Firs of all I saw the @wendelbornnyc brand on Instagram and simplicity they are representing, which were very close to what, I wanted to show.  I just mix the place and the style in one moodboard. 

Who was your team for this series? What qualities do you look for and/or admire in the people you work with?

It is very hard to find a stylist when you just started and don’t have a lot of connections. Everyone want’s to work with vulgar and seductive style. I was looking to create a confident person with a fairytailish vibe with this tory. Finally I found a stylist, Kiki Santoy who inspired by the same things I am. I worked with Kiki on her previous project and when we found out that we have the same pictures saved for the potential photo shoot, we decided to put them together and created the whole concept. 
Ro and Maura were perfect to choose as models for the story. With Ro I also worked before, almost a year ago and it was very dreamy and light theme so I thought she would be perfect for this story. Se is very inspiring person.  As a model and a musician also. We just clicked on our previous shoot so it was very easy to work with her on this one. With Maura I was working for the first time and I was very glad that she agreed to work with me and my vision. She is very beautiful girl with The Victorian age time’s beauty, which I think is rare.

What camera did you prefer to use and why?

I’m using the same Canon for many years. I hate the Photoshop. My camera allows me to create the theme, colors I want to, without the huge changes after. I also shoot sometimes on film but I’m still learning so I hope I will have more project on film in the near future.

What fascinates you about the art world today and what are your main inspirations?

I have a lot of things going in my head for today. The things that fascinates me today is the things that helps me to clear my mind at the first place.
The digital art is one of the firs that probably come to my mind. For example I’m following the @maumorgo and @ jonrafman on Instagram. I think this form or art is very inspiring and there is so many ideas that can be realized in this field. For example to see the video advertising of the fashion brand made in a digital art video form with a message that bothers people. It can be a prototype of the real person but in a digital short video.
Nowadays you can be inspired from everywhere. On of my main inspirations is organic architecture and how easy you can find it. I think the most important is that you don’t need to visit a museum or spend your time on the phone to find it. The most likely way for me is to go outdoors for location hunting. The most relaxing and enriching things is to memorize buildings you see everyday around you and how they mixed with the nature. I have thousands of pictures on my phone where I captured the buildings that I saw on my way. The catchiest is to mention how the contrast light lines laying on the buildings and trees. Minimal style houses surrounded with the flowers you never seen before. I love Los Angeles for the possibility to see this nonstop, four seasons in a row. I think if you can put the interesting organic architecture with adding the person that you inspired with and the fashion brand this will be the key to the perfect story to picture.

How would you describe your overall aesthetic?

The artist who show the natural beauty of the person. Make the people attractive with their personalities not the clothes on them. This is the artist that always on mymind when I’m thinking about the fashion and beauty. Jacquemus is one of my favorite designers. I would love to collaborate with him. This is my dream point for today. The way he shows the clothes, places he use for his look books is the most interesting to watch for me nowadays. The mix of architectural minimal lines he shows in a clothing line and province of France on the background, it is always interesting to watch for me.

Who would you most like to collaborate with from within the visual arts and fashionspheres and what upcoming projects we can expect to see from you?

I’m looking to find more interesting fashion brands to work with. I have an upcoming project with LA based brand, which I’m very exiting to shoot for. The story will take place outdoors as usual at the strange park in Malibu, which I randomly found on my way home.

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