M.I.A. Just Dropped A New Single 'Borders'

Published on 20 November 2015


M.I.A. announced Matadatah a while ago, and released a new track and incredible video titled 'Matahdatah Scroll 01 Broader Than A Border' mid-year, proving that she 100% still has everything that makes her the best.


“Borders? What’s up with that? Politics? What’s up with that? Police shots? What’s up with that? Identities? What’s up with that?” – M.I.A, “Borders”


M.I.A. is back and she's not going to stay away from criticizing mainstream values and policies—instead, she's going to force you to think about them. In her new song, "Borders," which just leaked a day ahead of its release, she asks you to question everything you've been talking about on your smartphones and social media: "Kween, what's up with that? Killin' it, what's up with that? Slaying it, what's up with that? Your goals, what's up with that? Being bae, what's up with that? Makin' money, what's up with that? Breakin' internet, what's up with that? Love wins, what's up with that?"
Whilst there are no visuals to follow-up the stunning short film for “Broader Than a Border”, “Borders” is vintage M.I.A – politically charged, rapid-fire lyrics over the slickest production in the business.