M.I.A Collaborated With H&M Teasing Her New Video “Rewear It” 

Published on 08 April 2016


A few weeks after the announcement of her ecological collaboration with H&M for World Recycle Week, M.I.A has unveiled a teaser video for her new song. We were pleased to hear they were teaming up for a charity initiative that involves recycling clothing. H&M customers will be able to bring unwanted clothing to stores to donate and will receive store credit in exchange.
The song will touch on environmental issues, specifically the impact that landfills have on the environment. “World Recycle Week is about embracing important environmental issues such as the landfills, and highlighting a global movement,” stated M.I.A. in a press release from H&M.
The actual in-store donation event will take place during World Recycle Week, April 18to 24. The brand is hoping to collect 1,000 tons of recycled clothing from all over the world. The clip will be unveiled in full on Monday April 11.