Published on 17 October 2016

Photographed by Tyson Ernste
Photography assistant Jonathan Widdershoven
Fashion Designer Dusty Thomas
Accessories Designer Minou Lejeune

Make up & Hair by Peter Dwars @House of Orange using ELLIS FAAS Cosmetics en Dermalogica.
MUAH Assistant Annemarieke Holster

Models Wouter, Stephane, Benjamin, Mikey, Felix
Rutger @ficmodels, Justus @Ficmodels, Douwe.H @Modelsrockagency

Tell us briefly about yourself and the story behind your new editorial. MEN IN DENIM BUILT THIS LAND (TOOLS OF THE FUTURE) - what is the key idea of it?

An ode to the men who built our streets, our houses and practically everything we need. Men in suits rule this world, but they are nowhere without men in denim. For this collection, Bluedenîmes was inspired by the ordinary workers we see every day. Often they don’t get the credit they deserve, but they perform true craftsmanship. And that’s the most valuable skill you can have. She was inspired by reflecting safety vests, body warmers and of course; pants with lots of pockets. That’s the kind of workwear you see nowadays, the ordinary workwear, she wanted to take that image people see every day and give it a Bluedenîmes twist. She worked together with jewellery/props designer Minou Lejeune, they always tend to create and image of how people in the future will look. 
‘Men in denim build this land’. But not anymore. ‘Workers’ of the past are no more comparable with men these days. Genders are fading, girls will be boys and boys will be girls. These accessories are wearable tools and tell us to protect and take care of our body. The tools we are using in this scenario are different from how they used to be. Some of them lost their original function, or are being placed in another context.

Seems you did a pretty global work for this shoot and it looks so damn beautiful and very powerful. What emotions are most present in this work and why do you choose to portray them?

Today’s society is the main inspiration of this artwork collaboration. The rest is up to the viewers.

Which particular work are you most proud of and why?

Every collaboration project with Bluedenîmes & Minou Lejeune, because our creative energy level is on the same frequency. We don’t even have to talk because everything goes natural.

What does your latest work say about yourself, on a professional and personal level?

- The future of fashion!

What fascinates you about the art world today and what are your main inspirations?

I’m really fascinated by the different medium that comes together and where the future of fashion is going. My main inspiration is my own environment where I live and of course the people around me.

Who would you most like to collaborate with from within the visual arts and fashion spheres?

If our mind and body understand each other there will always be an collaboration but for now I don’t know.

What upcoming projects we can expect to see from you?

Next year with my graduation project I will work together again with Bluedenîmes & Minou Lejeune, this will be the most amazing collaboration project ever!


Check out the backstage video below

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