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Welcome to Just Magazine Spring - Summer 2018

Published on 22 June 2018

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How many times did you just thought “that’s the thing!” and then it flows away as many other thoughts in five minutes to sleep? Using the colorful monologues with yourself as your personal therapist is not as bad as you might suspect, that’s what we’re doing right now. First of all, you don’t have to catch every possibility, you’d better choose the one you’d really enjoy. Second is your advertisement friendliness and general convictions. Health is not only the beauty itself as it shown us by billboards in every single way by consuming thousands and thousands of stuff. If you’re enjoying the tasteful adverts while going to a dull work maybe you should go into something creative. Oh, I just I just came up with an idea about a sitcom where some man or woman (sorry for being intolerant to other creatures) will be...oh sorry, I lost a thread.
To the point of intolerance! Isn’t it make you some kind of freak if you’ve been hired for a job only because of your race or gender? Hey, we needed more of the nonbinary and a trans man immediately! Otherwise, they will sue us, ha-ha. I’ve got a really insane movie scenario for that too. The neural network now is not just a smart Google search. Is it okay to let the robot making calls instead of the people with social anxiety or we should just stop on talking shit emoji? Nobody knows... We’re at the beginning of our century, let’s be honest, it’s not cool this much. Of course, we are not afraid of technology, making progress is always cool. But aren’t we losing ourselves while doing less? Guess not, you’ll decide for yourself next time. Well, hello, can a make a patent for my sculptures of dumplings, please? Сopyrights are just the invisible membrane inside of the egg, while you breaking the shell of your creativity and pour the egg of your soul into the roasted pan of the Internet.
The new sport is like the new internet will bring you this and that or maybe not, ow screw you damned hope! Anyway, we should try to go down to the tennis court tho’ and make it up like yeah. Crack your shell and let it out or keep it for yourself, what’s the best way to communicate with your internal beast? What if we took that curiosity and turn into a life energy? In any case, the hardest stone to move is your self-perception. Damn, I should enlarge this text a bit more, maybe for half a thousand symbols. Are paragraphs not separated by any sense? Or maybe not. I don’t care. I can compose a mega-energetic tracklist for you if you want.
Imagine you’re having a really desirable glass of wine with the wholehearted kind of cheese at the end of the day. You make the first bite and it’s so incredible. Truly enjoying the process you making another bite and a sip again. Still good. But then comes another bite and you can feel that the taste became some kind of poisonous, you just can’t feel it anymore, the wine is just super sour and cheese is acrid on the taste. Here is you have to stop anytime with anything. It doesn’t make you inconstant, It’s just about enjoying things when we talk about health: mental and physical. In any other cases you’d better be inspired and diligent. You know… Life is easy when you know where exactly to put your ambitions to.
Sure, you made an exertion of your will and voilà! Oh, no, hold on, not that easy, buddy. Find a favorite YouTube channel to watch, find a grocery store to shop the healthiest food, find a right friend to chat and the pretty creature to pet, purchase the qualitative humidifier at last! (not a sponsor) The main thing is not to rape your nervous system by forcing yourself to do healthy stuff, it’s not gonna be healthy by all means. So, you’re doing the right things day by day and gaining more and more wholesome goodnesses into your life until you die shortly in some freaky occasion like that rabbit who escaped the cat. But let us suppose here’s another story. And now you are this much beautiful and that much successful, how do you feel? You starting to burst into tears of joy and happiness, now you see, anything is possible. While living the whole life in just two minutes, shaking your eyeballs and holding the pillow tight... and then it starts again. I do really love you with all your guts and shit. Hope you’ll be the same non-picky. But you’d better go into a sport at least twice a week

text by our Editor-in-chief


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