B/ANNET | Fashion designer

Fan of minimalism, simple and pure forms, functional and comfortable things. Inspired by modern architecture and natural forms, traditions and culture of Asia.

FASHION Yesterday


Graduated from Binus Northumbria School of Design this year, Nadia Umammi made the final thesis project that captured many eyes during the BNSD show for Jakarta Fashion Week 2015.


FASHION 2 days ago


Collection F / W 2015 UOT Lena Maksimova - is the reflection of contemporary society, it's a fusion of music, street culture, contemporary art, social and political climate of the time. The concept of thinking about the fate of the present generation, trying to find their place in a rapidly changing situation in the society under the influence of the informational war.

FASHION 3 days ago

MOLLIE GABRIEL | Fashion designer

Womenswear collection was inspired by the saying ‘birthday suit’, it is fun and frivolous, with my digital print designs, bold colour combinations and ballooning shapes.

FASHION A month ago

OMUT | Accessories by Nastya Klimova

The gloomy romance, attractive aspects disgusting things, fetishizm and physicality, those aesthetic categories that are interesting to me to explore and recreate on the one hand, on the other hand I am really keen on manual labor, virtuosity and professionalism that you can reach by improving  your skills.