Published on 02 March 2016


Grace Coddington has always had an affinity with fragrance throughout her career as a model and later as creative director of American Vogue. When she first started out as a model she wore Floris's classic Red Rose eau de toilette, when she worked at Calvin Klein she wore Calvin Klein, then Chanel No. 19 when she moved to Vogue, and later Hermés Rose Ikebana Hermessence Perfume. "My mother had a rose garden, and it just never occurred to me to smell like any other smell except rose," Coddington explained announcing the perfume via Vogue’s Instagram.
Now that she's taken a step back from Vogue, Grace has found a new fragrance, one that she teamed up with Comme des Garçons to create herself. Descriptions of the scent also promise hints of peach blossom, white much and Moroccan rose presented playfully in a cat-shaped bottle.