Fish aisle


Watch the coolest video at some grocery's from Russian fashion monsters

Published on 24 April 2017

production @fastfashn
video/edit @sasha.strovski
style @nk.khd @mashzhkv
muah @katemuah
model @sonyapora

What inspired “Fish aisle” and why did you want to direct it? Is it your first direction experience?

The video was very much inspired by my every day life and my perspective of the world around. I used to be more of a photographer than a film director, but last year I felt capturing static images wasn't enough for me, even though I can't deny the power of photography. I began to experiment with videos and the 'fish aisle' turned out to be one of my first ever serious edits. I've already made some sketches before, but it mostly were sort of 'accidental' clips I shot in between photoshoots. This time my team and I were getting ready for a photoshoot, but the moment I found myself at this historic Moscow store I thought the video would be much more captivating.

What qualities do you look for and/or admire in the people you work with?
I am always in search for people who have a sharp feeling for contemporary culture and immediately react on its changes. I'm looking for individuals who are able to express current cultural vibes through their ideas, which they develop into something we can see. Like genius stylists and makeup artists, who can convey the whole sense of today’s world through their work.

How did you approach creating the visual language of the film? How much time the shooting process took? Some curious moments..?
I can describe my outlook as a very complicated reflective mechanism. I try to follow visual demands of a generation that apparently are very much affected by the way it thinks, uses technology, by how it develops. Everything has become much faster during last 5 years. We chat on social media without even saying ‘hi’ or ‘bye’. There is no beginning and no end – only pieces of information rushing through the air. We are either online or offline. There are no borders and speed is a priority. No one has time for long production. We want to shoot, upload, and see.
I usually shoot everything on my phone lately. I like that it doesn’t take time and gives great DIY result. I think the shooting process this time took no more than 30 minutes.
Speaking of curiosities... The most ridiculous thing to me I notice all the time is that in Russia people are extremely stubborn towards anything that doesn’t look familiar. Our model didn’t remind me of Gaga, however people around threw those suspicious looks at us as if we’re doing something illegal.
The store manager was relatively calm with what was going on though, but eventually even she came up and asked if we were shooting a campaign... Campaign on a mobile phone?! But she might be right to some degree – I believe a lot of campaigns will be shot on the phones soon.

Is it real mentally to be on your own in a crowd of people? How do you think people are really seeking for a solitude today?

My thinking is everybody who’s got wounds on their soul, meaning – almost everyone, are lonely. Instead of finding our original self within this solitude we all try to blend in, to stick to something bigger. We like to eliminate the feeling of loneliness by surrounding us with a crowd and seemingly important routine that we try to sell as real. But do we buy it ourselves?

Where do you live and how does it influence your work? What are your main inspirations?

I was born and still live in Moscow, now in the city center. It appears that compared to other people, who came here from smaller Russian towns, I’m very privileged. Despite my childhood was a living hell as I remember it I didn’t have to think about what to eat every other day. Instead I had time to reflect, to observe what’s going on. The capital has also influenced my aesthetics a lot. If it is dirt, then it’s beautiful. Birds are white doves and if it is a genre – then a fairy tale. Here it is not as rough as in smaller cities.
On the other hand, Moscow affected the way I manage my work. The fact I have a strategic mind is what I believe happened because of this city. Moscow deals with business. It added some toughness in my personality... But probably I was just born with all that. All in all, my inspiration lays somewhere in the flow of time and events. I am just a broadcaster of the sensations I receive.


How would you describe your aesthetic?

Imagine you’re rushing down the street. You’re late as always. Suddenly something captures your attention: a weird face, an interesting scene, the move, the edge of a feeling. You don’t have time to stare, the world runs faster than you. Around the other corner something else is happening. You are impressed. But it fades fast. This is an ‘on-the-go impressionism’. A surveillance camera mounted to the Bank just turned with а buzzing noise. It tracks you. Red light is blinking. It is seeing you but can’t read your mind. Don’t show your eyes. Just don’t show your eyes.

How do you think, fashion is an important means to explore some social and political issues or other big ideas?

I believe fashion is a powerful tool that can highlight or shadow serious issues of any kind. If you think closely it is one of the strongest mechanisms that drive the humanity. Apart from sex, money and power itself of course. We all like to dream and fashion gives us that opportunity. To look better, to dream bigger, to actually be better. This is what I find fascinating: fashion gives me the ground to initiate the dialogue and provides the confidence of being heard.

Who should we be following online?

My friend @vlad.turanski is very inspirational. He’s got an absolutely unique outlook on contemporary culture I was talking about before. He soon might shake the world with his new project so you have to stay tuned. @bogdan_vysotcky is very visually appealing and there are so many more.
Other heroes of mine you might see soon in new stories by Fastfashn. There are more talented people in this world than we think and I’m definitely dreaming to meet them.

Are there any trends or movements you're tapping into?

I would say no. Even if I like something I am not necessarily identify myself with that. I try to be as open minded as I can, explore all sides of me, without sticking to any specific labels.

What is next for you? Have you got your next project lined up yet?

Follow @fastfashn on Instagram and find out.

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