#Femojis Versus Female Police Officer

Published on 03 March 2016


Emojis have come a long way to becoming increasingly more inclusive, but there’s always space for improvement. Most recently, we’ve seen everything from the booty-ful Kimoji, to Introji—emojis for introverts. We now have non-white emoji, homosexual couple emoji...  And now Bodyform is bringing us the latest emoji evolution: #Femojis.
The company is so serious about their femojis, that they’ve begun a petition aimed at Unicode, the official emoji keyboard, to include their emojis in the next update.
marketing ployOr it's jufhgdstOOOOOrorOr maybe it's just a  marketing ploy? A way for Bodyform to sell more tampons and so on. Anyway we'll be so pleased to complain about our periods via text messages using cute pics.><

Current emoji situation is unstable. It seemed the society like between two fires: feminists wanted more bloody details about their women's life, on the other side - women are strong and can be presented as any profession persons... 
While male emoji can be cops, health professionals, detectives, and even Buckingham Palace guardsmen, the "careers" of female emoji are limited to brides and princesses.
Meanwhile, Unicode (the mysterious company that manufactures emojis) may have just proposed it's own solution. This will basically mean that you can hold your thumb down on any desired emojis and select a male, female or gender neutral option. Great, you no longer have to be a dude every time you tell someone you’re going for a run.
Submitted by Unicode co-founder Mark Davis and Apple engineer Peter Edberg, this would allow not just for female cops and male brides but for fully gender-neutral characters. "Neutral doesn't mean the default (untagged) presentation" Davis and Edberg write, "which could be any of these three; it means a specifically gender-neutral presentation. These customizations are to mark appearance, and not gender identification." 

Chech out the video below