Consume Cool

Consume Cool is the now, but already past it's prime. Consume Cool is about what we want, but ultimately can't have. Consume Cool is the new and instantly famous. Consume Cool is changing history a little bit and calling it our own. Consume Cool is business. Consume Cool is art. Consume Cool is Nothing. Consume Cool is everything. Consume Cool is an adhesive. Consume Cool is kewl.

Published on 16 May 2017


"The actual concept for Consume Cool was to try and run with the big dogs in the idea of branding by using one of, if not the most popular, branding identities in the world," Gordon Holden.

Consume Cool is a pseudo-brand focused around the idea that "perceived value is value", one of the latest art projects by Gordon Holden. You won't understand what is it even if we'll try to explain. What do you need to know about CC is it's multi-functional and extraordinary basis that aimed to pull you out of standart contemplation and to bring more sense to the mediocrity. Actually CC written as the Coca-Cola logo is nothing than a big joke, but at the same time it is really something significant. Being anything and everything Consume Cool fully acknowledges consumption through art becomes unfathomable and almost nothing at all. Well, who decides what is cool and what is not? Sure, it's personally YOU. So if you are sick of all that you can't have, just bring some coollness into your life with Consume Cool. 

We tried to talk with Gordon about Consume Cool, but nothing extra unveiled...

Tell us briefly about yourself and your art project. What’s the main idea behind Consume Cool? Is it a satirical way to troll the brand-seeking humans or something else? 

My name is gordon holden and i am from Hartford CT and based out of LA at the moment. Consume Cool is a brand. It can be viewed as satire but it is more up to the viewer to decide what it is about.

How did you first get started as an artist? 

A combination of things. Mostly fascination in cultural trends and why they happen.  Not really a step by step, just something that happened.

Your project comes really philosophical and provides enough space for thought. We literally broke our minds with it, thanks for that. Are you a philosopher in real life? 

i dunno. Probably not. I watch a lot of youtube videos.

Making your brand by trolling the brands seems a really great strategy. It’s smart and funny. And it became more and more popular among the young fashion brands. It helps to rise the prices and so on. So...Consume Cool is your personal reflection of fast fashion or a negative attitudes towards consumption?

both. I think everyone just likes things that they can relate to and already have a comfortable idealogical connection with. 

What fascinates you about the art world today and what inspires your creative process? 

the Intention and rate of work /content being produced.

How do you think, art is an important means to explore some social and political issues or other big ideas? 
I think it’s good. Their are a lot of ways to explore those issues. I’m not sure if they’re all art. but they’re entertaining.

Your work translates well to Instagram, how has the internet/social media affected the way you work?

They have always been intertwined. I started most of my work during the myspace time (rip). And its becoming something more with additional social media platforms. Every account on social media is ultimately trying to sell you something, and if they say they’re not they’re probably lying.

Who should we be following online?

whoever you think is interesting.

What is next for you? Have you got your next project lined up yet? 

I’m working on a couple fashion collaborations at the moment and an art show coming up in september at @paulloyagallery

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