Charli XCX Is Launching Her Own Record Label

Published on 24 February 2016


Musical princess Charli XCX has announced her new EP Vroom Vroom. She's released the title track as well as 'Trophy'. She's worked with London producer SOPHIE (who has done good things for Le1f and Madonna), and they've come up with two awesome crazy tunes. 
"I've worked with SOPHIE on the new EP and what we create together speaks for itself. Sometimes we get aggressive, sometimes we get beautiful; he pushes me and I push him," said Charli. "The album goes to other places and I can't wait for people to hear it. I feel the most creative I have in a long time and I couldn't be more excited for the next chapter." 

With her new EP Vroom Vroom set to debut on Friday (a project for which she enlisted the likes of PC Music producer SOPHIE), Charli announced this afternoon that she's launching her own record label to release it. "Vroom Vroom Recordings is my new, experimental pop label and it will combine my love for bubblegum pop with mystery and darkness," Charli said in an emailed statement.