An interview with fashion photographer from Milano - Nico Stinghe

See the full editorial "Car Race" in our upcoming Spring 2017 issue

Published on 15 February 2017

Our next print issue is going to be truly interactive so far. Here you'll find an interview with our brilliant contributor Nico Stinghe and the team: Cristina Fagioli (stylist), Cattura (muah&coordination), models: Kitti and Anna Orman from The Lab Milano, behind the backstage video of the upcoming editorial for Just Magazine.

Tell us a bit about yourself and when did you first become interested in photography?
My father gave me a camera when i was 12 and a short description of how the light works with the mechanism.

What is the story behind your upcoming editorial for Just Magazine  ̈"Car Race "? Andrea has a car shop, we met a few weeks before doing this and we decided to shoot something together, there was no idea and all happened as was photographed. And then it's also nice to change the images with graphic design, give them a new meaning. I used old magazine cuts now and put them into a new context, it's often the same these were done when Trump won the election and i was looking at articles on Nixon.

Who was your team for this series? What qualities do you look for and ̄or admire in the people you work with?
The team was put together by Federico, Cristina as stylist, his girlfriend did the makeup. For models I like people that have story in their personality, when you look at them you don't really know where they live and how their house looks like. For most it's easy, when it's not easy it's interesting.I admire people that are not into race and are more interested in creating than the final publication of the project.

How would you define your personal style? I sometimes ask people what they like in my photos because I don;t understand why people like certain images. They prefer the images i don't so much and the images i like are almost ignored. So this makes my personal style very personal.

What emotions are most present in this work and why did you choose to portray them?

Recently not much except when errors occur. Before I was working with friends so it was all more real, real meaning less of a stranger approach. Now it's a simulation of emotions. I often like to photograph near other people and often i go close to them. Some are surprised, some come closer .

What has been your biggest achievement so far?

Having a stable girlfriend.

Where do you find your inspirations? Have any particular photographers or artists influenced your work recently?

I would like to slow down in most aspects. for years it was the speed of things, all creative ideas that come and doing a lot but mostly in surface. So inspiration came from moments so it's hard to define precisely. I would like to analyze more. There are a lot of interesting artists mostly painters and people that do installations, videos, most after Duchamp and maybe except him.

Which artists, designers or models would you like to collaborate with?

None in mind now. I would like to work more often with a same writer or musician.

What upcoming projects can we expect to see from you?

I would love to create another art show.

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