Dov Charney - Founder of American Apparel
Is Launching A New Basics Brand

Published on 04 February 2016


Forced out of American Apparel following sexual misconduct accusations from former employees, then banned from making any statement that “disparages or negatively impacts on the Company or its current former or future employees, officers or directors”, the past few months have been fairly catastrophic for the Canadian-born businessman. 

As if that wasn’t enough, the shamed entrepreneur then tried to buy back his business for a total of 300 million dollars just last month. Yet against all odds, Dov Charney is back. The founder and former CEO of American Apparel has teamed up with Chad Hagan of the Hagan Capital Group – which, incidentally, supported Charney in his attempt to re-buy American Apparel – to create a brand new brand.
The label will be offering basics to men and women (t-shirts, underwear, etc.) made entirely in the United States. Meaning pretty much exactly the same concept as his former company, which sells clothes “designed, cut and sewn in Los Angeles”.

“What’s important to us now is we’re able to form this new venture and put Dov at the helm and we’re going to do basics again. We don’t want to just start with some funny, online brand. We’re going to do what Dov does best and then establish a robust e-commerce system. But we will not be debuting just as an online retailer,” Chad Hagan explained to WWD.