"5 days a Sunday"

A series of videos directed by Caitlin Shannon for OATS the label

Published on 26 August 2016


An independent Melbourne label OATS just released their video. Pulled together by a team of talented and dynamic women, Natalia PluchinottaChessy Carey, Brittany Stella, Caitlin Shannon, Anna Downie and the designer, Bridie Davey, came together with the idea to make a film for the label. OATS The Label creates simple and functinal pieces by hand. Bridie hand makes each piece per oder, with the help of her mother Julie, making each piece uniquely personable. Taking inspiration from artists like Picasso, Joan Miro, Robert Motherwell and Jean Arp, rich colours and shapes form the labels visual language.

Caitlin and Anna have recently worked together on a music video for band, Saatsuma, which was a great success. Caitlin, creative director, joined with Anna , who studied media and is an aspiring film and production D.O.P. Caitlin has worked on films for SISTER studios, Otis Armada and Henrik Vibskov in Copenhagen. 

Talented creative and hard woring people are rising up everywhere. People are finishing degrees and landing full-time work. The film epitomises this ‘last day of youth’ and the transition to adulthood. It holds onto those last moments where our notion of time is nonexistent. Inspired by Italian and French cinema, from the likes of Godard, Agnes Varda and Eric Rohmer, the film is a series of videos aiming to encapsulate the Monday to Friday work routine - 5 days a week - hence the title ‘5 days a Sunday’.